Wpf dependencyproperty binding not updating

31-Jul-2017 04:12

Specifically, the Update Source Trigger of bindings on this property is set to Lost Focus by default.

Lost Focus by carefully examining the WPF Focus Manager to determine the actual set of elements that currently have logical focus and only updating binding sources on those elements.We can see that we have three separate flows of data: The code for each of these three steps is distributed throughout our code, in the constructor and a variety of event handler.For each model property that we wish to expose to our user via the view, we have to add code to perform each of these three tasks.Since logical focus was not lost, the binding source was not updated, and so the seemingly changed data was not submitted back to the data source.

One simple solution is to exhaustively update all binding sources submitting the data.

This leads to code that is hard to maintain and dataflow that are hard to trace.