Updating your house colors

03-Dec-2017 20:55

(Listen, when you spend a year living in 400 square feet with another human being and a cat, privacy becomes a moot point.)GETTING STARTEDHere’s what basic cylindrical interior door hardware looks like.

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I was actually quite surprised by the lack of bright reds there were. Make sure when you buy your paint that you get an exterior paint since your door will be exposed to the elements. Tape off the hardware holes from the inside of the door so the sanding dust won’t get inside your house. Focus on any imperfections to get it nice and smooth. I did only 1 coat but, in hindsight, I should have done 2 since I was going red. Red is particularly hard to get good coverage so my door took 7 coats. So instead, me and my bestie went to town on all the hardware. And be thrilled that that paint covered the previous owners’ engraved name on that knocker! Customers in the San Francisco Bay Area can visit us and do their shopping at:120 East Fremont Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94087The retail prices may differ from online prices.