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According to Hong Sung-Chang, the director of "You're Beautiful," Park Shin-Hye and her male counterpart Jang Geun-Suk were cast for the lead roles due to their bright characters and the way they both excelled at dancing & singing. (I only have eyes for you Park Shin Hye." Saranghaeyo Park Shin Hye! I wish that Park Shin-Hye & Ryu Hwa-Young would be together in a K-Drama. We know she's always been a girl crush-worthy actress. Her personality, her heart, her smile and of course her beauty. Park Shin Hye, you are an intriguing blend of simplicity and complexity, a truly fascinating lady. I'm starting to like you when you're watching the drama "Stairway to Heaven" continued longer "Tree of Heaven", and I began to follow the plays you're next. It'll definitely make me so happy and I really really hope to see you guys in small screens soon. She is who she is, on & off camera, she's a diamond in the rough unlike some celebs who shine like diamonds but in reality are nothing but knock off cubic zirconias hahaha! A truly great actress with a very understated charm. Although TV ratings for "You're Beautiful" were only in the low teens (as it aired opposite KBS2 mega-hit "IRIS") the show was a hit on the internet and among teens & young adults. Although your visit with Park Jung Woo (PJW) & Lee Hyun-Soo was short yet it certainly left us feeling so delighted. Park Shin Hye, while waiting for one of your new projects, Blackened Heart, we're binge-watching you in these dramas & movies from My Annoying Brother, Doctors, The Beauty Inside, The Royal Tailor, Pinocchio, The Heirs, Miracle in Cell No. They could be "magical" twins who got separated at birth because of unavoidable circumstances that causes them to grow up with different families. Finally, we're able to see you in one of your latest projects, Silent Witness film, Park Shin Hye. Here are 10 reasons we will always love Park Shin Hye: 1. One of the things that makes her fun to watch is her variety of facial expressions. I liked the chemistry between you and Lee Wan oppa in "Tree of Heaven". I really hope you guys can play together anymore drama. Korea's True Sweetheart, your b-day's coming up soon. and everyone who contributed to shin hye's success.. Terrific in both "You're (He's) So Beautiful" and "Heartstrings." Hope your recent auto accident did no permanent damage and that you have a long successful career. i already post here last time....i want to post again..... of course you know my name because its posting my name ther........ Give up the good work Shin Hye and God bless you and family always and forever. I would love to see Park Shin Hye paired up with Ji Chang Wook in an action drama...would slayed this and us. JUST PLEASEEE DONT LET ME WAIT ONE AND A HALF YEARS LIKE FROM PINOCCHIO (OCT/NOV 2014) TO DOCTORS (JUNE 2016)! I'm rooting for you to be Mulan in the live action movie. At first, I think Shinhye is really ugly with all that hair on her and I'm not interested with her at all, I'm just watching it for the sake of the good story lol As time passes, I stalk her for just being bored but I begin to be interested in every bit update about her @coco98.a surprise... Also odd behavior for a site controller to change a current picture to an out-dated picture. "CATCHING A DREAM has good and bad side, but it's always our choice where lo live our life - whether make the good dreamm come true or stay with the bad one." For me, I will always choose what makes my heart live no matter what it takes.. Park Shin Hye and Also Submit Korea's Deep Culture beautifully. I really love your performance as Eun Sang in The Heirs both with Kim Tan (Lee Ming Ho). unfortunately i think i wont have the oppotunity to see you in person . I am currently seeing the Kdrama, "The Heirs" and I love it ! She is truly talented plus you will see how she loves her job. :-) i dont wach tv alot espicialy in out country.ilove wach to korea tv. ilove park shinehye.iwach her movie all you are fit with jang geunsuk you look so hot couple...see you in next drama with jang geun suk I freaking love you. I hope,, Unnie will see my posting here From the first time I see Unnie,honestly,really I like your personality and your cute face.... Being a fan of Park Shin Hye since Tree of Heaven , I known she's one of the excellent actress of her generation . Tho I am curious how would a drama with PSH and names like Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Yoo, Song Joong Ki... anyaseo again id like also say that more movies and dramas to come you and lee min ho is perfect loveteam i like your drama the heirs thats al wish that u can visit to manil a phlippines anyoseo kangham samnida... Your undeniable diverse talents should be globally recognized. I'm like new to dramas like i started middle of this yr and the only drama i watched of her is doctors. like she's popular and there was a time Pinocchio was shown on filipino tv dubbed but i didnt watch it. I am now watching Tree of Heaven as a filler while waiting for the next episode of Doctors next Mon. I just could not get enough of her dramas..of them.... Perhaps it would seem the site controller is not biased if they changed the picture back to a current picture? Specially your are far apart with your family and love ones. best regards Korean cinema industry listen to me or not,it's your own decision : U have a unique and great talent like her, but why exactly should she always be the secret weapon while she's in fact an Unbeatable WAR MACHINE, hey u guys don't waste her talents anymore this way,it will have some bad effects not only on her bright future but also on the whole of this industry's face ,reputation and tomorrow too. But I specially love your partnership with Jang Geun suk. I just hope that Jang Geun suk will truly take interest on you. i realy do luv you and that character on he's beautiful made me want to watch the rest of your other charactors . Like you're so pretty and your acting is honesly so great. I'm 2 years late watching "Heartstrings", this being 2013 but I can say with finality and conviction that the cast is oozing with talent and the acting superb and flawless. i like shin hye with her acting, natural beauty, humble person, good looking,cheers up. I hope,,once a time,if I visited Seoul, I may met and talk with you Really can't be distinguished,,adult & minor your face When I see your division of the roles of drama Stairway To Heaven 2003,,sense I feel sorry withyour roles, Han Cen Su But,the roles was very steady !!! Through her relationship with Dream Factory, Park Shin-Hye began training as an actress, singer, and playing the guitar & keyboard. In 2003 Park Shin-Hye debuted as the main female character in the music video "Ggot" (Flower) by singer Lee Seung-Hwan. hoping that he will not hurt you, instead he will love with all his heart... at the firs i did't know your age but today i see here that you are just 2 years older than me and you act so good in stairway to heaven at the age 14. In the same year she also successfully auditioned for a role in the SBS drama series "Stairway to Heaven". Park Shin-Hye played the role of main character Han Jung-Seo as a child (Choi Ji-Woo played the adult Han Jung-Seo). @Inseong-ie - The beauty with Park Shin Hye is that her talents are not only so diverse (acting, singing, dancing etc...) they're also genuinely natural. Wow...wonderful you have young face but just as your good acting i was thinking of you at about 27-8 or older but now..to see you a lot in the future. and if we talk about your whole career and your life........ and i was also sweet of you two in jang geun suk......... I'm glad she's doing great, she's such a great person, always humble and grateful. I wish she can play a different protagonist, someone who is strong and people in the story look up to, not someone they look down to. It's fortunate that we share the same birthday, February 18th. : D She is so cute and beautiful , ah i wish i can meet you someday and take a picture , and i will boast it to all people in the world :)) You are my Idol Park Shin Hyee ! :) Shin Hye ~~~ Noona i love u and your drama The heirs you and lee min ho is really so charming and your acting is really so perfect , you two only need eye contact and u can make me feel the sad mood. This is from Hong Kong ,sarah chan so,support u and the heirs xoxo hello! I like the way you act, the way you dance and I love your voice. If some day i earn a lot amount of money i will definitely want to meet you. the first time that i watched you acting is in your mini series title Tree of Heaven, that was way back in 2007, and that time you're so young but a talented one.. Good luck always PSH there is this comfortable chemistry, that effortless rapport & connection, exists between you and lee min ho on stage during the recent 2016 sbs drama awards. rooting for Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye in City Hunter 2 soon. I watched a lot of Korean Movies and Drama and none of which makes me so interested or addicted to Korean Actors and Actresses ONLY WHEN I WATCHED THE HEIRS! Always the pitiful protagonist, it gets tiring and doesn't show versatility in acting. Park shin hye....i'm Meann from Philippines...a super fan of yours...i really "The Heirs" i watched it more than 10 times....huh! It's a good thing that I celebrate with my favourite Korean actress. She is so talented :) The first time i saw her act was in tree of heaven and her acting performance was stellar! I hope to see you personally together with my favorite Korean actor-Lee Min Ho. in that kdrama i first learn the word OPPA means an older brother.. now i'm too late watching your kdrama heartstring but still i have finished it..

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magazine, “Self” China magazine, Lotte Duty Free magazine, Jambangee Summer magazine, Uweekly magazine, Couch Kimchi magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazines, Japan’s Hanako Magazine, J Style magazine, Bazaar Korea, Beauty magazine, 新 Monday magazine Hong Kong, My Wedding magazine, High Cut magazine…till my arms hurt. A lot of people say they dislike her because she always pursues the same sad watery-eyed bored character. Her new drama 'doctors' is really diffrent from the charecters that she performed before and she still nailed it. PSH got various talents.she is very good at it.can dance sing act.she got looks she got personality.for this new drama Doctor? I am your biggest fan from India..i so love u park shins hye.are the cutest girl in the world..i loved your work in Flower boy next door,heirs,you are beautiful,pinocchio and heartstring..i ship you with all your costars.can create chemistry with an costar..waiting for more n more dramas of you.do more romcom dramas.the best for your new drama "doctors" Your role in Doctors will surely be your most baddass role so far. (: I've been watching your old dramas just to see you act. Can't wait to see your upcoming drama & movie especially with my fav EXO D. Always and forever be your loyal fan (*Issy*) Love you so much unni **xo**xo** Like how Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) exclaimed “It’s really Hollywood! It may seem close but it’s actually far away, right? Guess our date on 20 June may seem “far away” but it’s getting closer & closer. I’ve seen it so many times and still get new things out of it. Do hope to see them collaborate again in another romantic drama soon. Park Shin Hye, while waiting for your upcoming drama "Doctors" & movie "Brother", I keep myself busy watching & reading about you in your past projects such as Mnet Asian Music Awards Hong Kong 2015, Some Guys Some Girls, SBS ep 6, Three Meals A Day Season 2 tv N ep 2-3 & 16-17, Hologram Mnet ep 1, SBS Drama Awards 2014, Bring You To The Stars Jiangsu TV Chinese Variety Show, Infinite Challenge MBC ep 374 & 383, 2 Days 1 night KBS2 ep 335 & season 3 ep 14, Top Gear Korea 4 XTM ep 10, Running Man SBS ep 120-121 &166, KPop Collection Okinawa 2012, Taxi Tv N ep 270, Stong Heart SBS ep 159-160, Music & Lyrics MBC Music ep 1-3, Melon Music Awards 2009 & 2011, Hallyu Dream Concert 2011, Day Day Up Hunan TV Chinese Variety Show, Win-Win KBS2 ep 13, Seoul Culture Art Awards 2010, Happy Together KBS2 ep 163, Sunday Sunday Night-Danbi MBC ep 11, SBS Gayo Daejeon 2009 SBS, Love Request KBS ep 582, Horror Mission 2008, Happy Together 19 July 2007 KBS2, Happy Sunday KBS2 ep 2, Fantastic Partner MBC 2007-2008, Inkigayo 2004 SBS, Nonstop 4 MBC ep 73 and the list goes on.... Park Shin Hye, feel so motivate to work out after watching you in 2016 Rapido “Surfing In The City” CF while wearing the comfy New Modern Retro or Run-up design sportswear. Thanks Park Shin Hye for accepting the cast in the Doctors with Kim Rae Won.....will be great to see you act again and pair with such a great actor...it has good script since it took so long for you to accept the role.... I love you, your dramas, and your movies always..honestly I've never been a fan of any actors in my life...now I'm a big..fan of you..... I read that you'll be making long comeback in a new drama soon. If i'm not mistaken,it will be a medical drama and that the title had already been announced a week ago but i just can't recall its title. I don't see anything wrong with this role) - Pinocchio, she was a high school girl only in 2 episodes out of 20 She was playing so call "childish" only in YAB, that's because the role was supposed to be. i love how straightforward choi in-ha was in that drama. However, as I watched your characters, I'm starting too see them too similar to each other. :) PSH is brilliant in Pinocchio as she was dramatic in Heirs. Guess you melt Lee Jong Suk's heart with this song. How do I get your approval and other necessary issues. # I like your movies and i think you are working hard. You are eleven years older were born on 18th Feb 1990 but i was born 12th Feb 2001. I feel like Park Shin-Hye plays nearly the same character over and over again. I don't think that she's such a great actress and I want her to prove to me that she is.

Imo every actor has good and bad dramas and Park Shin Hye is not an exception; altho i do enjoy quite a lot of her drama (i just adore her so much : P) Her personality is a plus, through all the variety shows that i watched x D. After the ep 1, never seems enough t stop watching n proceed t watch the rest episodes til comin up ep 9. For KRW, u r such a versatile actor frm ur past drama- punch, love story in harvard, a 1000 promise, u portrayed vast different character n yet u did well fr all dramas including Doctors. He is a good actor, so natural and yet so charming. I’m feeling so excited to see you soon on SBS Running Man 19 June Park Shin Hye. Like the happy mood of you and all the passionate, talented and confidence cast during Doctors 1st script reading. That’s SUCCESS.” Can’t wait to see you on 20 June Park Shin Hye. Feel so happy and fun being able to interact with you via [V LIVE] Shin Hye V Live ep 1. At this moment, I don't like to watch drama that is more than 20 episodes. i prayed that one day i wil meet you and tel u how excited i am for u shin hye I love shinhye unnie so much x D she is best actress especially in heartstring and you are beautiful..ofc Pinocchio I want to say To ppl who say that she can't acting well.are just jealous to her because she is best... Iam your no.1 fan always ❤i wish i could meet you in person someday... just keep it up, I like all drama not even excluding anything, most especially. Most recent-"You Are Beautiful"- one word Fantastic! We, your FANta Stic fans, are so proud of you for winning 2014 SBS Awards for Top Excellence Actress Award (Mid-Length Series), for Best Couple Award (with Lee Jong Suk) and for Top Stars Award. I like her and I wish to meet her in future but the problem is i Do not know her language.

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