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re making me horny just taking about it ( 1 Lust) Change into swimwear and go to the pool After the swim:- Go to the locker room Undress and shower Approach Maddison Kiss her Have sex ( 6 Lust) My pussy is so wet for both of you right now ( 1 Lust) Well said, you were both awesome by the way ( 1 inf) As long as you have gone bowling, the Rachel threesome ending is always an option as it does not require any special item of clothing. s visit a nightclub Follow her to the bar In a moment, I?? false) ( 4 inf) Kiss her ( 2 Lust, 3 inf) Dance How about my date? Next you visit one of three other locations, which might trigger a special scene.

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re willing to show ( 1 lust) I say wow That should now equal 12 (lust) and 8 (inf), but it appears to be actually 12 (lust) and 10 (inf). The lingerie is used during the final sex scene.] (Swimsuit) "I`d love to see you wearing a swimsuit." Look at the swimsuits Pick swimsuit (the one on the right) "I`d love to see you in it." ( 1 Influence; 1 Lust) Wait for her to change clothes "Yeah, I`m getting a `feeling` from it too." ( 4 Lust, 2 Influence) Finish watching her pose "I`ll let you decide." ( 1 Influence) (Lingerie) "I`d love to see you wearing some lingerie." Look at the clothes Pick lingerie (the one in the middle) (requires Influence 44) Wait for her to change clothes "I really want to grab you right now." ( 4 Lust, 2 Influence) OR (Drop your jaw) ( 3 Influence, 2 Lust) Wait for her to finish posing ( 5 Lust) "I`ll let you decide." ( 2 Influence) Wait for her to change clothes Wait for Maddison "Good idea.

They obviously require you to get a 5/5 rating to be successful (apart from the lingerie session which appears to need 6/6! Each individual action adds to one side of the equation but deducts from the other, so your score will change, even though the number of symbols showing may stay the same. Walkthrough: Maddison: Final Cut by Chaotic Maddison: Final Cut by Chaotic was released for free on 30 March 2015.

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It tells me you didn’t read my profile very carefully. I’ve done lots of pick-up play and had plenty of negotiated-on-the-fly scenes with folks I barely knew.… continue reading »

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