Dating a younger women black athletes and interracial dating

03-Nov-2017 10:23

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The adage, "half your age plus seven," describes the rule for men who want to date younger women, but when it comes to male dating patterns, the assumption that younger is better may not be true.

A new study suggests that most men prefer to date someone closer to their own age.

In fact, data suggest that one of the biggest predictor of divorce is too much of an age gap between spouses.

The research, conducted by data scientist Randy Olson in 2014, and based on information from more than 3,000 recently married couples, found that those who are the same age had the lowest chance of divorce.

The answer from both my brother- and father-in-law was interesting, and basically the same: .

Men and women also value different things in their partners.A study found that men who marry women who are seven to nine years younger reduce their risk of death by 11%.