Backdating ema payments

28-Dec-2017 08:06

By April 2011, 5.5 million accounts had been opened, with 35 per cent of young people being entitled to the extra payments2.

This is a sum total, and this money would not have been accessible until children turn 18.

In England, there are 326 schemes each with their own criteria and entitlement.

It has been suggested that some working age claimants who were previously exempt from paying council tax will now pay, on average, £138 per year10.

Commencing in 2002, at birth, every eligible child was given a voucher worth £250 to open an account, with a further £250 being paid directly into the accounts of children who live in low income families.

At age seven, the government made an additional £250 payment into each account, with a further £250 for children in low income families.The indicative loss of £27 per claimant has been calculated by estimating the average payment from available data provided by the House of Commons Library4.

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