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Bans on cousin marriage were introduced at the same time as part of a post-Civil War acceptance of the need for oversight, even in personal matters.

Today, the practice is highly stigmatized, partly because of health concerns about children born to first cousins.

(You, on the other hand, Daryn, told me that you became interested in this question while “browsing around the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth II.” To each his own.) Since then, Bittles has attempted to piece together a map on the global prevalence of consanguinity.

His 2001 findings are summarized in the map below (you can also view and download the numbers here).

They estimated that health risks for those children were about 1.7 percent to 2.8 percent higher than for children born to unrelated parents.

Marriage between cousins wasn’t always prohibited in America.

From the 1860s, states began legislating on various aspects of marriage, including mental-capacity restrictions, statutory ages and anti-miscegenation laws.

Family reunion: Members of the show's Bluth family and their friends (left to right, Tony Hale, David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat) gather outside a 'Frozen Banana' booth at the Central London location 'A bunch of episodes that sets up the movie - it asks a bunch of questions that the movie then answers, so it's kind of a package,' Bateman revealed in an interview with IAMROUGE.

COM earlier this year.'Unfortunately there's probably gonna be about a year, maybe year and a half, between the two,' he added.

I know you asked about first cousins, but all the research I’ve found uses second cousins as the benchmark of consanguinity (more commonly known as intermarriage).